Armbändchen aus Leder umwickelt mit Garn oder Wolle - DIY Blog

I am a big fan of handmade bracelets. You might already know my monochrome version of friendship bracelets. Friendship bracelets are just the perfect DIY for the Tuesday evening on the couch. You can combine them nicely with gold and silver jewelry or offer them as a gift or souvenir.

These wrapped leather bracelets look chic and much more complicated than they actually are. Those who have managed a fishtail braid for the hair, will recognize the pattern right away.

I think the step by step pictures explain best how to wave the pattern, however you can find a few tipps and tricks as well as the exact material I used below.

  • The leather string I used is 2mm thick and 50mm long.
  • The wool I used is the same I used for the monochrome friendship bracelets and it is nice sleek and shiny looking but not too slippery at the same time. You can find a selection of pastel colors in my shop.
  • It makes a lot of sense to tape the leather loop to the table to be able to work around it in a nice even way.
  • When switching the colors, just swap the thread and continue wrapping it around the rest even if the colors might have changed position around the main leather string.
  • To fix the end, knot the last colors together and try weaving it in with a needle. Cut of the others as short as possible.
  • The leather will probably be a bit stiff to knot, especially in the beginning so don’t cut it of to short.

DIY gewickelte Armbändchen mit Lederband - DIY Blog aus Berlin

 P.S.:You can download the instruction for the monochrome friendshipbracelets here  😉