On the top of my wishlist for this winter is a giant chunky knit wool blanket. I keep seeing them on Scandinavian interior blogs and would love to have one on my sofa to cuddle up during the cold days.

During the past years, my love for knitting has resulted in tons of colorful hats and scarves for the whole family. I love to cuddle up on a cozy evening on the couch and knit. Knitting hats and scarves has the advantage that you Wool blanket Beigeget a result within a couple of evenings and remember the pattern if you pick it back up after a few weeks. However, apart from the fact that my hats are not the most fashionate, my whole family is well supplied
and I am ready for a new project this winter.

So I went and got some nice wool that fits my sofa perfectly, it is called kahki but turns out more beige, and the recommended size of wooden circular knitting needles and started knitting… It took me three attempts to figure out the right number of stitches I needed, I took forever to find a good tutorial and in the end my blanket is still not the right size and a bit stiff.

Therefore my recommendations for you to start a blanket knitting project:

DIY – own combinations

You could think that there are a lot of tutorials on the web, but to find a good one takes a bit of time.

DIY complete tutorials

If you don’t want to spend the time figuring out which wool to use with what needle and pattern, there are nice packages you can get, which include the right amount of wool, needles and an instruction.

  • I aimed for the „Jake Blanket“ in blue grey, a not soo super chunky version from „We are knitters“ which you can see on the picture. I must say this really worked out well, I opened the package, the tutorial was easy to understand and I did not have to worry about the right amount of stitches or select a pattern. For me as the impatient knitter this was great fun and I can really recommend it.
  • Another option is for example Etsy shop StichandStory also offers nice beginner tutorials for hats, pillows and even sweaters and also a set for a nice blanket with an easy but challenging pattern. Also in the package, the instructions as well as needles and a sufficient amount of wool are included.


Chunky Wool Blanket Knitting

Ready to buy solutions

If you prefer actually focussing on the TV series while sitting on the couch, you don’t need to miss out on the comfort of a knitted blanket, there are some nice options to get one out there.


I hope you found a version that works for you! I would love to hear how the results turned out! 🙂

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