When I moved in my first apartment I had this romantic idea to collect all kinds of nice artwork from different travels to get a beautiful arrangement of pictures and deco accessories over the next years. I still like that idea and I am always on the lookout for something special to take home, but I am also discovering more and more online shops offering beautiful art to perfectly complement the holiday souvenirs.

  • LUMAS – I am a big fan of the LUMAS galleries here in Berlin and I love stopping by and wandering around checking out their newest collection. Our ladies in red are part of their Vogue collection of ancient fashion photography, which is just lovely. Theo our owl is from LUMAS as well, seems to not be available anymore.
  • Etsy – it is sometimes a bit confusing to find the nice pieces but the selection of inspirational prints is huge and there are really nice pieces around, I’ll make sure to pick my current favorites soon.
  • Junique – offers a large selection of curated motifs as prints but as well as shirts and iPhone cases. However they have some cool prints on offer, it’s worth having a look especially for prints like the Holstee manifesto or the Ruben Ireland prints that seem to be all over my instagram feed.
  • Seen.by – offers a printing service but also a large selection of motives you can chose from. All of them can be printed in various sizes, worth having a look.
  • 20×200 – is an american print art portal shipping world wide, unfortunately not the framed version but the selection is worth having a look at and consider framing in Europe it’s partially quiet quite artsy but overall quite nice.

The US page of Urban Outfitters has some great offers as well, unfortunately not yet shipping to Germany. I’ll make sure to check out their stores when in New York and who knows maybe I can bring home a holiday souvenir for the big white space behind the couch…

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