Delia, founder of Westwing Home & Living, published a new book, the „Westwing Home Stories“. As former employee I need to have it of course and took some time over the holidays to have a closer look.

The new book is, as the first book „Wohnstile“, presented in a super personal and sympathetic way. It shows real homes and their residents with all their holiday pictures, stooping plants and shoe cabinets.

„Home Stories“ picks back up the Westwing interior styles, which have been presented in the „Wohnstile“ book and presents differently styled homes in every chapter. Some of the inhabitants are known from other media, as for example blogger Jessie Weiß from Journelles, who showcasts her beautiful Berlin apartment with old wooden floors and high ceilings and Olga Arnold from La Petite Olga who presents her interpretation of girly chic in her modern Munich apartment.

Those who know Westwing and Delia a bit, know that she tries to add some tips and tricks to her selections. On the website, the magazine adds some inspiration and great diy ideas and regular buyer and designer interviews add some background insights to certain sales and products. The book on the other hand also provides guidelines on how to adapt certain styles for yourself. At the end of every chapter styles are explained and different key products pointed out.

„Home Stories“ is definitely worth checking out, it is a great mix of beautiful interior impressions, the personal stories behind it and some tips to take away from.

Westwing Home Stories

Westwing Home Stories

Westwing Home Stories

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