Spanish Outdoor Deco pink with Wine and Watermelon - Lindaloves

The weather is the usual German summer misery at the moment and consists of grey and rainy, thunderstorm or tropical heath rotating and therefore this is not a post on barbecuing like initially planned but on a few summer outdoor ideas. Lucky me, I got to spontaneously escape to Spain and catch some sun while all bbq’s and summer parties in Berlin got cancelled. In the meanwhile we spend the time in Spain in the sun living of watermelon a considerably healthy lifestyle and definitely the best thing to do in the heath, at least until the cherry season comes along.

This Outdoor decoration however fits the watermelon trend just perfectly and I find that this is a wonderful thing about Outdoor deco that you can aim for colors you wouldn’t normally try out in your living room, pink Watermelon Boho chic in this case. The beach chair is probablly the key piece when you are imagining a perfect pool day, super cool and perfect with a white umbrella. The pink pillows are my absolute favorites they are woven and with pink pompom garlands around the edges, Westwing sold them a couple of weeks back. The carpet is the perfect addition, it is wovon in colorful pinky textiles and since I plan trying to a first weaving project I took about 200 detailshots from all angles just to be able to reproduce something alike for our rooftop at home… did any of you try weaving before? I am already on the lookout for some nice pink fabrics…

Linda Strandkorb Outdoor Decoration pink Spain

Spanish Outdoor Deco pink Carpet - Linda loves....

Outdoor Deco pink Spain - Linda reading

Outdoor Deco pink Spain View from the Rooftop

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