A trend this season I had to jump onto immediately are double glass frames, I love the airy elegant look of it. When I was a kid I had this little flower pressing kit (this one just with red bobbles), which we used to press flowers from the garden to later use them for some crafting projects.

I wouldn’t press the leaves for the double glass frames beforehand but for some it probably makes sense to flatten them a bit. I love how they add a bit more of a green touch to your home.

I also like the frames with feathers. I am a big fan of decorating with feathers in general, I like this tiny little Boho Touch, especially in contrast to those elegant glass frames.

There is some more pinterest inspiration below. I also love the first one with the feather drawing, half transparent paper would look great too! The frames I used are from ZARA Home.


ilovmyinterior insta

Framed feathers

Double glas frames decor8 Framed Feathers Bedside

Doubleglass FramesFramed feathers gallery wall  Glass frames sideboard

Doubleglass Frames

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