I love Skiing! It’s just amazing how you travel up the hill and are just blown away by the beauty of the mountains, the pace you get on the slopes and not to forget the great food and sauna evenings. However I remember this has not always been the case, as a beginner you are overwhelmed with impressions and you only remember certain things by experiencing them over and over again. It can be frustrating when you are out on the slopes and you are fighting your foggy glasses, your freezing feet and have no clue where you are going.

These are my accumulated tips over the past years of skiing:

Get the temperature right – to get the most fun out of skiing when you don’t have to worry about being to hot or to cold.

  • Weather report – I am not the kind of person checking the weather report on a daily basis. Since the weather is ups and downs in Germany anyways and I feel like I carry an umbrella every day except when I get into the rain. However, when dressing up for a ski day it does make sense to check if you are tackling -10 degrees or have inverted weather and it is +10 up on the mountains.
  • Layers – once you spent a day freezing your ass of, it is tempting to put on as many layers as possible, but believe me it is not ideal either when you are sweating all day and can’t move your feet because of the 3 pairs of socks on top of each other
    • Jacket: even as a regular skier I only owe one good ski jacket, I opted for a super warm one from Moncler and prefer varying the layers underneath
    • Good underwear is crucial I love the x-bionic underwear, it is not cheap but it is worth it. It is super nice to wear and I have one of the lighter ones (shirt and pants) and the super warm one (shirt and pants).
    • On top of that a fleece shirt for colder days and a thin one for warmer
  • Heat-up packs – if it does get really cold it is hard to warm up again. To survive the afternoon I am using those Heat-up packs which warm up as soon as they get on the air. Just put them in shoes and gloves during lunch and you’ll be fine during the afternoon.

What to take with you – in general the less you take the better, so you don’t have to carry it around, however if you miss something it can be really annoying out on the slopes.

  • Sunglasses – I have a helmet with an integrated goggle, which is great. However on sunny days I also take a pair of regular sunglasses to wear during lunch (you are mostly sitting outside if possible) and also on the slopes just because it is nice on a sunny day to get a bit more sun and air. I am using an older H&M Rayban aviator copy because I don’t want to break any of my nice sunglasses and because I remember H&M getting good results in UV protection.
  • Cell phone, Money and a map – you tend to follow the one person that has the best sense of orientation blindly. As somebody who is normally the person with orientation I can tell you it helps a lot when the rest of the group is making an effort to keep track. If you gets lost after all, it is just easiest to call and agree on a meeting point.
  • Loop Scarf – many jackets have an integrated ski masks already, I have a thin loop scarf which does not bother but can easily be tucked in under the helmet if it should get a bit more stormy.

Relaxation – yes you paid the pass from 9 am to 16:45 pm but the whole stay is just so much more more fun if you take the time for a little espresso in the morning and a moulded wine in the evening. If you are freezing, can’t see anything because of foggy glasses or are just tired, head home and enjoy the sauna – it’s a holiday after all.

Are there any tipps you would add to that list? I would love to hear them!

Linda Skiing in Powder Team Skiing Heli Skiing Pole with snow and blue sky_ Linda loves

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