Let’s admit it, as long as you are not living in the mountains and work as a ski instructor, you have enough of the winter at some point in time. Therefore today a table decoration with a touch of color and a hint of Spring.

I used the natural paper on top of the white linen table cloth to give the table setting a bit more of a natural look, just white looks somewhat formal. Candles of different sizes are always nice at any time of the day, they just add a bit of a cozier atmosphere. I put the larger ones on little wooden slices and the small ones in old liquor glasses with silver rim (we got a huge set from Steffen’s grandparents but you can find alike ones on ebay). I like the contrast of the elegant and rough material, of course you can focus on either one to get a more elegant or cozy overall look.

I added Eucalyptus leaves and some small vases with different flowers. I focussed on different shades of pink but also love the more summery colorful look with a broader color palette, just combine whatever you like. My Mum gave the small cylinder vases to me a couple of years back and told me that they are a super useful, as usually Mum was right and I keep using them for various occasions. However, I also like the look of the little SanBitter bottles, also you can use them straight away for the aperitif.

I also added some feathers, just because I like the look but considering Easter coming up I find it quite fitting and I am thinking of adding some quail eggs too.

Tischgedeck mit pinken Blumen

Tischgedeck Frühling

Tischgedeck Frühling Frühlingstischgedeck mit weißen Kerzen auf Holzscheiben Tischgedeck mit pinken Blumen   Pinke Blumen und Kerze im LIkörglas mit Silberrand

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