When we boarded the flight for a two week trip to Israel we felt like going on a trip to a far off destination, to a country in the desert with a lot of political awareness and strong arabic influences. After a four hour flight we realized that Tel Aviv is not so far away after all and after 2 days we were already convinced to be back soon for a long weekend city trip to this great city.

Tel Aviv is a city where east meets west, where european and arabic influences come together and create a wonderful mix.

Wandering around the city you pass by fruit markets and Falafel stands, beautiful vintage shops and great modern interior shops. We stayed at the coolest hotels (I already wrote about Shenkin hotel here and a blogpost about the Market House Hotel is in the making) and almost felt like in Berlin concerning the density of hipsters in certain cafés.

An obvious plus is the fact that Tel Aviv is right next to the beach, how could you possibly not love that! Even when it is not warm enough to bath it is wonderful to look at the waves, watch the surfers and have breakfast for example at MantaRay which was recommended to us from several sides and did not disappoint with a great breakfast with a wonderful view.

Manta Restaurant right at Tel aviv beach

Jaffa is Tel Aviv’s old town, its flea market and the cute stores around it are defintely worth a visit to spend some time wandering around during the day.  But also in the evening it is nice to stick around. We had dinner at „Old man and the Sea“ in the harbor where the appetizers, which fill up your whole table right on arrival are a highlight already. The area behind the flea market has some nice restaurants and bars to offer and on Friday night streets are filled with a young israeli crowd enjoying the warm evenings with some drinks.

Jaffa Tel Aviv old town - african sculptures  Wooden shoes in old town Jaffa Tel Aviv

Short Guide to Tel Aviv_-26 Short Guide to Tel Aviv_-27 Lunch in the sun and the view into Jaffas old streets

To wander around Shabazi Street in Neve Tzedek is a must if you are keen on little boutiques and shops. You have little jewelry designers next to small clothing brands and interior shops. On the way you are crossing stylish bars and restaurants like the … which has more a bit of a french touch and offers great breakfast. A few steps further you should make the queue for an ice cream break at Anita or stop at Jajo wine bar to try different Israeli wines.

Fine lab in Tel Aviv Neve TzedekFine lab shop in Neve Tzedek Tel Aviv

Interior Shops along Shabazi Street in Tel Aviv Neve Tzedek

Short Guide to Tel Aviv_-22 Short Guide to Tel Aviv_-20

Other than that we can recommend Rothschild 12 for some drinks and marked Popina as well as the interior shop opposite the street for our next trip since it was closed when we walked by on a Friday afternoon.

Short Guide to Tel Aviv_-23

A short trip to Tel Aviv is worth it and incredibly easy going. The flight is not that long from Germany, there is no time shift and the locals were super friendly and helpful whenever something was only signposted in hebrew. The change of scene however is interesting, the flair of shops and restaurants is great and a bit of a mediterranean breeze is always a good idea. 

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