Last week we had something to celebrate and stopped by the Ritz Carlton for a toast. We wanted to have a cocktail at the regular bar but the entrance to the „Fragrances“ immediately caught my eye. The black corridor is seamed with little boxes containing different perfumes and cloches with accessories as well as the most dominant ingredients of each perfume. It looks very impressive how you enter the bar trough this corridor approaching the dark black velvet couches and dark marble pillars.

As it turned out the entrance it not only the entrance, it serves as the menu at the same time. So we went back and spent some time smelling all kinds of different perfumes and decided on one we liked and could imagine tasting. I ordered black saffron, which is based on the black saffron perfume by Byredo and Steffen ordered the drink based on Amthyst by Lalique.

The cocktails are served in extraordinary cups that „match“ the fragrance, which looks very spectacular and I loved the heavy cut glass the Amthyst was served in. When we tasted the drink we knew why the selection played such a great role, it does taste like the perfume – more than you could ever imagine. This intense cocktail can then be enjoyed next to a birdman in one of the big black couches. It was really a fun process and great experiencing this master class of mixology.

Fragrances Bar Cloches

Fragrances Bar me

Fragrances Bar Cloches

Fragrances Bar Entrance

Fragrances Bar 2

Fragrances Bar 1Fragrances Bar 3

Fragrances Bar Deko

Fragrances Bar me


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