While I love mulled wine and everything cinnamon flavored during December, I am ready for something fresher as soon as the New Year starts.

This cocktail is a variation of the classic Moscow Mule, of which I am a big fan. It’s fresh and sparkling and a bit fruitier than the classic version with cucumber.

2cl Vokda
Ginger Beer
Raspberry sirup
a few raspberries
some basil leaves
juice of 1/2 lemon

Add some ice cubes and raspberries, I just used frozen ones, when you let them unfreeze without heating them up they keep a nice form as well. What looks nice is freezing some in the ice cubes or you can add some half frozen ones to the drink as well.

The vodka „our Berlin“ I used is new brand from Berlin, which I find super cool. I also like the size of the bottle, which is just a bit smaller and does not make you look like an alcoholic when you bring it to a party.

After the vodka, just add a bit of lime juice and a tiny bit of raspberry sirup and fill up with ginger beer and add some basil leaves.

I can highly recommend the Fever Tree ginger beer, if you are more into spicy I recommend the Thomas Henry one, which I really like as well.


Raspberry Cocktail-6

Raspberry Cocktail-5

Raspberry Cocktail-3

Raspberry Cocktail-2


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