This winter I am really into pomegranate. I love to eat it pure as well as on my salad or in my yogurt and, believe it or not, I kind of enjoy the process of peeling it as a well. However the overall result of my pomgrante addiction is that our kitchen wall is full of tiny red sprinkles… I highly recommend watching this video before going crazy on pomgrante peeling for this cocktail

The Cocktail is a bit of a variation of a Mojito including rum, lime and mint but adds a bit of twist and seasonality with the pomegranate. I also found it looks pretty when freezing some of the pomegranate seed in the ice cubes.

4 cl rum
4cl pomegranate juice
mint leaves
juice of 2 limes
white lemonade

Add lime juice and mint leaves to the ice cubes. Some squeezed out lime slices add a bit of  mojito feeling. Fill in rum and pomegranate juice and add some lemonade to add a bit of sweetness.


Granatapfel Cocktail Granatapfel Cocktail Zutaten

Granatapfel Cocktail mit Flaschen
Granatapfel Cocktail Eis2
Granatapfel Cocktail Eis

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