I have this love hate relationship with pears. As with many things in life I only like them under certain conditions. I am overly exited getting them as the pear season starts some time in fall and then quickly use interest like a kid with a toy. I keep buying them but most of the times I find them to mushy to eat them like that and they end up in my musli or the trash. By the end of Spring I have usually accepted that I am just not ready yet to manage the short time span of a pear’s texture being right and don’t even like them that much anyways.

I recently stumbled over pear juice and guess what, texture is not a problem for juice and the taste is a delicious as the fruits. One combination I particularly like is this cocktail with pear and vanilla.

It’s super easy to mix and has, with its unusual ingredients, this specific twist that makes it a special drink. It goes great as an aperitif and perfectly with my cheese plate. 😉

What you need:

Use a bit of juice on the rim of your glass and turn it in a plate with sugar. Shake up Vodka and Pear juice and add a bit of vanilla. Pour over the ice and decorate with a bit of pear.

Pear Vanilla Vodka Cocktail  Pear Vanilla Vodka Cocktail  Pear Vanilla Vodka Cocktail

Pear Vanilla Vodka Cocktail

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