The biggest hassle when moving into a new apartment is the room layout. It is usually completely different than in the old apartment and nothing fits where it is supposed to. Luckily we managed to arrange all furniture in a way we like it, but the pictures I had found perfect spots for in my Munich apartment did not work for the walls here in Berlin.

So I am happy to present our perfect solution for this issue: a Gallery Wall for the livingroom. It works out quite well, what do you think?

Gallery Wall Living Room

Even though I like the down right shift, I am thinking about extending the gallery to the top to get a fuller and more round overall look. Potential candidates for the wall addition are this beautiful fashion sketch, which picks back up the fashion theme from the other pictures. I think it would make a great addition. And another picture I am thinking about is this little bunny, which would fit well with his other animal colleagues. I am still a bit hesitant about this little fella, a cut as he is, this might be a bit too much animal live on one wall.

I will keep you posted on how this wall evolves, stay tuned and follow along on instagram or bloglovin! 🙂


Gallery Wall additions


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