I work with Start-ups in the eCommerce and online industry so it is important for me to stay up to date with the newest apps and gadgets. I love trying new things but I also loose interest rather fast if it does not really add value to my life.

Those are a few of my favorites that I like and use regularly.

Getpocket –  my very favorite bookmarking/filing system. I get a lots of articles on different social media streams which are too long to read now or which I want to remember for my links I love edition or forward to a friend later on. GetPocket is a plugin for your browser, easily to install on your home computer, computer at work and mobile phone. It let’s you add tags as well so it is easy to keep track of, now you just need to take the time to screen it in the evening or on a lazy Sunday.

iScanner – transforms your pictures into pdf scans. It is not as good as a proper scan but if you just want to send a letter over fast and have one of those home scanners that give you a 5MB jpeg file then this is your app. You can adjust the color and the app transfers all pictures in one pdf that is send right to your E-mail.

Noisli – adjustable sounds for a better concentration. I discovered this app when our neighbors bought a new hifi system and started listening to Justin Biber 24/7. Don’t get me wrong I like Justin Biber but having to listen to it on repeat trough the wall is just not that enjoyable. A lot of people manage to work listening to music, since that does not work for me I tried Noisli where you can adjust calming nature sounds like water, rain, etc. and I have the feeling it works quite well.

IF – recipes for your digital home. Meaning you can set up formulas for your different accounts e.g. save screenshots in a specific folder, save new contacts to a google list, get real time rain notifications etc. You can create your own recipes or use existing ones, once you get the hang of it, it’s genius.

Splitwise – lets you track group expenses. The perfect app for a weekend trip with friends, everybody signs up for the respective group and every group member adds their expenses over the weekend. The app calculates automatically who owes how much to whom and nobody has to have this awkward conversation on claiming 10 Euro back.

Trello – is a task planner based on a KanBan system. You can create tasks and move them from one stage to the next. It is complex enough to add different people, descriptions, task classes and due dates but it super straight forward and easy to use it does not require any time to set up or understand.

Duolingo – a learning language game app. It is hard to learn a language when you are caught up in your usual daily business. I am a big fan of Duolingo since it is fun little packages and you can compete with your friends. It’s nothing to go serious but it is a nice little gaming app to keep up some vocabulary until the next trip.

Clue – menstrual cycle tracking on the next level. This app is super intuitive and easy to use, even if you are only tracking the basics it’s nice to use.

If you have any other recommendations, let me know, I am always keen on trying them out! 🙂


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