Links I love this Spring

One of the luxury problems of today is information overload. We have all kinds of social media streams, news websites and blogs we like to keep track of. Therefore here my selection of some articles from around the web that I liked these past weeks and found informative, funny or just a good read.

  1. Stunning pictures of really really unusual beaches
  2. I love Ted talks, this on is about the largest study on the science of happiness over the past 75 years.
  3. Solving a miracle on flat packing versus rolling
  4. I am turning 30 next week and can really identify with those graphs
  5. Remember the Mayers Briggs indicator from Business School? It is indicating your personality type and recommends you for certain job positions, in this article it is used to give some decorating advice.
  6. How to be more productive  – a good reminder every once in a while on how to structure your day.
  7. Some fireplace dreaming – for all those who do not owe a fire place yet
  8. Life lessons written by a 90 year old
  9. I would love to try to make those braclets, do you like them?

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