If you are like me, Christmas is a big surprise for you every year over and over again. You get back from your summer holidays and the next thing you notice is „Last Christmas“ playing on repeat on the radio …

Well, therefore here my selection of last minute Advent Calendar options, which can easily be over the weekend and won’t take up the whole weekend.

  • Christmas Cookies – Easy option and pretty first Christmas decoration… I used a normal dark cookie recipe and got a larger star cookie cutter. Some ribbons in different length to hang them up and voila a Sunday well spent and a month full of content… 😉
  • Diamond Boxes self printed  – those little black and white Diamonds can be printed and folded and would look super nice on any plate or just loose on a sideboard next to some candles. Just some candy to get at the supermarket to put inside. Also a super nice option to put together easily on a Sunday afternoon.
  • Christmas Candle – the super fast and easy option like this one or that one, on amazon prime, still on time and no further effort at all!  😉

Have a good start into the Advent time and let me know if you made it … 😉

Regal mit AdventskalenderRegal mit Adventskalender

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