I love combining classy with something a bit more romantic. In fashion when wearing a classy black and white outfit with a tangling earring or a boho scarf and also at home when adding some kilim pillows to an otherwise modern room or some romantic lanterns on the hallway. Some selected pieces are fun to add and especially black and white and silver integrate smoothly to a rather clean style – called Boho or Ethno or just an extraordinary pattern, it’s the mix that makes it fun and special.

BOHO Inspiration Collage Kopie

1 – BOHO pillow

2 – Feather necklace

3 – silver tray

4 – black tray

5 – Mint colored box

6 – Round carpet

7 – Silver stool

8 – Ethno plaid 


Flur mit schwarz weiß Bildern, orientalischen Lampen und Magnolien

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