Those who have experienced me in the morning, just knitted their brows when reading this headline, thinking how can this morning grump possibly publish an article on early risers… well, I recently experienced „being a morning-person“ for the first time in my life – and it was amazing! I returned from holidays and got incredibly jetlagged, so I fell asleep exhausted and super tired at 9 or 10 p.m. and woke up naturally around 5 – 6 a.m.

I experienced the silence in the morning before everybody else wakes up. I took my time to shower and get ready and realized how productive the morning hours can be. Unfortunately it did not take very long until I stayed up late and got back into the habit of being a morning grouch. I snooze for an hour and a half, rush trough the bathroom and hurry to get to work on time, I am grumpy until I had my first coffee, my mailbox is filled up already in the morning I did not get anything done by lunchtime.

Now that Spring is around the corner, the sun rises in the early morning hours and also evenings will soon get warmer and want to be spent in a beer garden and not in the office, I wanted to give it another try to get out of bed earlier.

Well of course this is not my first try on getting up earlier, over the years I have tried all kinds of things. I put the alarm clock in the other side of the room, which did not change anything except me hitting snooze in the other side of the room and get back to bed even grumpier. I tried Apps that are supposed to wake you up at the right time and I tried banning electricity from the bedroom for a good deep sleep.

Therefore here my tips and tricks on rising earlier:

# 1 – Go to bed early. This sounds super easy but it is not! It needs so much discipline. When it is about going to bed I have the reasoning of a 5 year old. I want to read another page, watch and other episode or even start cleaning the dishes right before going to bed thinking it’s a good deed for the next day. Well I now started reducing bedtime by 15 minutes every week, so starting to go to bed at midnight now, which leads me to the next point…

# 2 – Don’t aim too high. I tend to set highly ambitious goals for myself. I want to go running every morning for at least an hour. Well as you might guess  … this does not work for long. So for once I committed to smaller steps.

# 3 – Don’t worry. I read that building a habit takes 21 days and once you master the 3 weeks, it will come easy. Well, maybe but this has not worked for me yet, in contrary it adds a lot of pressure. I believe that there are days when you just need another half an hour of sleep. There are days when the party next door woke you up 3 times or you just feel exhausted from the prior workdays. Just set your alarm an hour later or hit the snooze button, some days you just need a break. Just get back the next day…

# 4 – Don’t snooze. That’s the hardest one. I have this love hate relationship with the snooze button, I love it as long as I am laying in bed and I hate it as soon as I am under the shower. It’s not good for you!

# 5 – Quit your „I hate to get up attitude”. Before going to bed set your mind on something that excites you. When you get up and first thing you think about is your bathroom being freezing cold and this budget planning E-mail you need to send out by noon, it is probably not motivating you to jump out of bed in excitement. Try to find something that you are looking forward to, the fresh juice you prepared for breakfast, the quite morning hour to scroll your Pinterest feed to get some inspiration for the day or the lunch date with an old friend.

Try to picture that when your alarm goes of and it will distract you from the facts of the cold bathroom and the threatening E-mail and will change your mindset away from the „I hate to get up attitude”.

Do you have any further tips how to get out of bed?



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