When it is about arranging flowers I keep thinking I buy a bundle, put it in a vase and it’s gonna look good. Well that works every once in a while but after some time I found that it seems to be an artform to assemble flowers in a way that they look nicely and not accidentally thrown together. Therefore I was super happy when Bloomon invited for a flower workshop during „fesche Lotte“ street market yesterday. Therefore today my tips and learnings:

Selection of flowers:  It seems to me that the more flowers you use, the more difficult it gets to arrange them in a nice way, so generally I would tend to take two or three different ones. However in this case we used tons of different ones and everything looks nice together, what they all have in common is the color palette of pink and yellow and green of course. My personal rule of thumb is to focus on 3 alike kinds for something classic or go wild and chose 10+ different ones for a beautiful colorful arrangement, it also depends a bit on where you are buying. However I also started keeping my eyes open on what kinds of flowers are combined in bouquets I really liked, that always helps a lot.

Cutting the flowers: Cut flowers right before putting them into water. Cut them with the biggest possible angle to allow the largest possible water intake and use a sharp knife or scissors to not squeeze the stem. Cut of large parts of the leaves to leave some space and more water and energy for the blooms.

Arranging the flowers: For the loose airy arrangement in a big vase like here, we built a cross of long stemmed greens or flowers, which stabilizes the arrangement and gives the rest of the flowers a bit of a frame. To add the rest it takes a bit of gut feeling to create a varied mix of different heights and fill out all the blanks to not have any larger holes.

Taking care: Use fresh water straight from the tab, in contrast to potted flowers it is not favorable to have stagnant water. Change the water regularly and don’t hesitate to cut stems again.

Expert tip: break off the top of the gladiolas, when kept in a vase they won’t open up anyways and just take energy for the lower blooms opening up.

It was so much fun playing around a bit and actually getting some advice and I find my result is not too bad, what do you think?

Here some video impressions about the class, thank you Luis and Mandy!

Large Flower Pots at the Bloomon Flower Workshop

Bloomon Flower Workshop Setup for all participants to assemble some beautiful flower bouquets

Bloomon Flower Workshop Flower preparation to assemble a beautiful bouquet

Bloomon Flower Workshop - full flower bouquet

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