Hotel Americano New York - Marble table and breakfast cappucino

Ever city has its own vibes, Paris is romantic, Barcelona colorful, London is traditionally british and New York has this extrodinary modern flair with this special New York touch, you know from the movies. A lot of trends originate in New York where the hottest new designer furnish the brands flagship stores and bars and restaurants need to reinvent themselves to stay on top the ever moving trend list.

To spot new interior trends, New York is a great inspiration and of course hotels are taking part in the design game. I picked Hotel Americano mainly because of its amazing rooftop. To sip a drink on in one of the lounge chairs with orange palm print pillows, feet in the pool and a skyline view at the same time, just sounds too great to be true.

The hotel Americano’s interior is minimalist and clean. The rooms have large windows and the bed inset into a platform, concrete floors and marble bathrooms. Everything is designed in a consistent purist style, even the bathrobe. So while I shower I already make plans on a few minimalist changes at home and how to integrate one or the other cool idea. Getting ready however turns into a challenge when I try to finds some space for my lotion and after dropping my mascara twice, spilling the content of my toiletries bag all over the floor and with a wet skirt I realize that at home certain things need to be a bit more practical. I still love the look and I am thinking of building a bed platform into our bedroom… or at least get one of those varnish seating bags, aren’t they super cool?


Hotel Americano New York Room Bed Hotel Americano New York Room Bed

Hotel Americano New York Bathroom Soap

Hotel Americano New York BathroomHotel Americano New York Room Bed Hotel Americano New York Rooftop Hotel Americano New York Patio Hotel Americano New York Entrance

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