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I am planning to make popsicles for a while now and I kept pinning tons of yummi recipes on my Summer Pinterest Board – however summer never happened this summer.  The Must have of the season is rather an umbrella than ice cream and I was more busy finding indoor solutions for this years garden parties, than making ice.

Nevertheless, since they just look so pretty and I find that you can and should have ice cream at any temperature, I finally ordered a popsicle form and proudly present today my first popsciles with grapefruit.

Basically what you need is just Grapefruit cut in a thin slice, remember to take of the skin and a bit of Grapefruit juice, I added a bit of water and a tiny bit of sugar to sweeten it a bit.

Some other things I learned when experimenting with my first popsicle ice creams

  • Water expands when it freezes… I guess I had heard that one before…
  • Carbonated lemonade does not freeze that prettily
  • Put in the popsicle sticks a bit later when the mixture is already a bit slushy so they stand straight, otherwise it will be hard to get the lid of later on.
  • Juices do taste somehow different when frozen so don’t hesitate to add a sip of water and don’t sweeten too much
  • Frozen Mint leaves taste really good and are definetly going to be a part of my next recipe…

Grapefruit Eis am Stil Wassereis - lindalovesde

Grapefruit Eis am Stil Wassereis Zutaten - lindalovesde

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