Christmas is around the corner and one of those cozy Sundays like yesterday is perfect to spend some time on the couch and do some online shopping. My Mum and sister are both interior lover and since it is most fun to chose the presents you would love to have yourself, I spend half my Sunday browsing all kinds of interior deco accessories websites.

This is my current selection of items I love at the moment.

Copper scented candle – I recently published an article on my favorite scented candles, this one is not on this list yet, but I love the look, an easy way to bring a bit of the copper trend home.

Dotted stool – isn’t this the coolest stool ever, definitely a great eye catcher and I would love to have one next to my sofa…

Fur Pillow – supper fluffy pillow, made of rabbit fur, perfect couch accessory for the winter

Rosé copper vase – rosé is a trend for Christmas decoration this year and since Pantone already announced „Rose Quartz“ as color of the year 2016, it’s most likely to stay. This vase even combines it with copper, a perfect match as I find.

Chequered blanket – The chequered pattern can be spotted in all Scandinavian interior blogs at the moment, I like how this one already looks super soft on the picture, it is made out of lamb wool.



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