Presents I find personally most difficult to chose are the ones for the men in my life. While a girl can always have a 67th pretty scarf and will enjoy a manicure, men mostly have one go to solution for most things – ideally a go to solution that looks masculine, has tons of functions and will last forever.

However there are a few options that do hopefully rejoice the man of your dreams, your Dad or your neighbor, add value and do not double any already existing item.

Siphon Vacuum Coffee Maker – to make good coffee is an art and this coffee maker is definitely a Sunday project which is definitely the most masculine way of making coffee involving fire, knowledge and a delicate taste.

Weber Grillakademie – The most famous grill manufacturer offers grill classes, where not only the perfect steak is a matter of discussion but also fancy things like a grilled chocolate cake are part of the curriculum. The courses are lots of fun and definitely a good investment for the next summer for all family and friends.

Gin Kit – Gin and Tonic is a classic and we love to do Gin tastings and experiment with different kinds of Gins and Tonic Waters. This Gin Kit allows you to make your own gin, more affordable version is a selection of spices, preselected for Gin lovers.

Ice cubes– A nice addition to any drink are those large bubble ice cubes

The art of fixing things – Useful tips and tricks for a man that likes to show off

Beard Set – For any hipster and those who are planning to become one in 2016 … the Beard is a trend and if you ask me a nice one…

Moleskine StarWars Notebook – exists as planner and as ruled notebook, so a good addition for any office worker.


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