Every year during fall I start counting the days until days start getting longer again. Until I have adjusted my daily rhythm to shorter days – meaning I don’t mention „it is only 4 o’clock and it’s already dark“ on a daily basis anymore – days start getting longer and spring is around the corner. In the meantime, while I keep repeating myself over and over again, I am adding some coziness to my life, make tea and start lighting candles everywhere.

I was not a big fan of scented candles a couple of years back when you could smell the IKEA Vanilla candles already in the rug department… but I have the feeling that the scenting got more subtle and I really fell in love with scented candles when I got one from millefiori milano as a present from my Mum a couple of years back. The smell was just adding a subtle coziness to the room instead of giving you the feeling to be sitting on an exotic fruit market.

By now there are so many pretty more or less known producers of scented candles on the market with super nice smells and nicest packaging, so it is even worth just arranging them.

A tip I recently picked up was to put a candle in the bathroom toilet, not to light it up but to have it spread a bit of smell. I used a candle called „fresh linen“ which looks indeed nice and adds this subtle smell of clean laundry to the bathroom, perfect.

Missoni Candle – Packaging in typical Missoni zig-zag pattern, a tiny fashion statement on the sideboard.

L’Occitane – My Mum loves this kind for a bathtub beauty night, you know by now, she has good taste … 😉

Aroma Therapie – a clean and more hipster version of the scented candle that fits well any Scandi styled room and has more of a fresh smell.

Jo Malone – an institution for scents from England, Jo Malone is known for very high class and also pricy candles. However, there is now a travel version of the candles in a smaller and therefore also a more affordable size.

NEOM – a very classy version of the scented candle with a really nice smell!





Scented Candles

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