We moved into our new apartment in May and as appropriate for new rooftop owners we hosted a lot of barbecues over the summer. Now that it got colder we moved our dinner parties inside and I exchanged lampions and lanterns with some more sophisticated table decoration.

As a busy bee I am always on the lookout for something that is easy to get and fast to set up but looks special at the same time. This table setting has a bit of a seasonal touch with the purple Erica and the pink roses. During the fall months you can get both at most supermarkets, so it arranges perfectly to grab some when getting the groceries for dinner.

I got the silver cups a couple of years back and love to use them during all seasons. They look special and give the whole table setting a bit of a glamorous retro look. I got them in a small boutique but I would suggest keeping your eyes open on flea markets for something alike, these could be a modern alternative.

Fall table decoration set2

Fall table decoration Flower top

Fall table setting topview

Fall table decoration flower

Fall table decoration set

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