I had this project in mind for a while but it just wasn’t to be realized, I did not find the right metal pipes. I guess we all have those projects to be realized in the back of our heads, which are just waiting for the perfect flea market find, the right material or the cozy Sunday afternoon. Well, last week, when I had to get some lighting stuff at the hardware store I found myself in front of the table leg section. Table legs are available in brushed or polished stainless steel and you can have the in various sizes, so just perfect for my little vases project.

So, I finally got the pipes, experimented with some with colors and different materials and had quite a few olives to get three small but long glas jars to put inside my tubes. This is the result, how do you like it?

DIY Metal tube vases Linda loves2


DIY metal tube vases with acryl colors and metal tubes in copper, gold and silver
What you need:

The table legs are usually with some plastic pieces to keep them from scatching the floor etc. Check in store if they are easy to get of and if it is possible to but a glas in in the end.

  • Prepare tubes
    Take out plastic pieces and clean the steel so the lacquer stays on evenly. Use the masking tape to separate the two parts.
  • oberer Teil mit Acryfarbe
    To have the colored part stick out a bit I added 2-3 layers of primer paste and added acryl colors after.

    • Primer
      To add the primer just use your hands or a bit of cardboard. Let it dry and add another 2-3 layers until you have a bit of a coat.
    • Acrylic paint
      No limit on creativity here, I used dark blueblack, light blue, and copper paint for the blue vase and mixed the different shades of blue. For the golden vase I used black and white and mixed crey and purple. For the small vase I used only copper paint for the top part and a nice dark green for the bottom part. There are super nice metalic acryl paint mixes, which are worth checking out.
  • Lower part with metal look
    Stainless steel looks cool but I find that also the golden version, having been coated with metal effect lacquer got a super nice look. I can also well imagine using a copper colored lacquer to get an additional metal color in. You get best effects just dipping the metal pipe in, however sind the pipe was larger than the lacquer can, I just painted it on and it looks quite nice as well. Make sure to let it dry properly.

Done is the vase, I would have loved to create even more colorful cominations. For a bit of inspiration on colors and metal combinations, check out the True Color Vases by Lex Pott für &tradition, those might have been the initial inspiration for this DIY… who knows 😉
What projects are in your drawer until the right moment? Let me know in the comments below.









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