I did not plan on doing a Valentins DIY but thanks to my ever disappearing socks I ended up stitching hearths on this cute little cosmetics bag. I stopped by H&M yesterday to buy a pack of socks. Hopping between two destinations makes keeping track of the sock loss even harder than it normally is. It’s especially annoying if one sock left its partner in Porto or in Berlin… therefore a new set of regular black socks that fit with all the other black socks in my closet. Once I grow up I promise I’ll get the sock situation under control, but until then I’ll just stock up on H&M socks every once in a while.

However standing at the cash check with my usual DIY Blogger mindset, I am thinking about what else I could use and this little bag catches my eye. Not because it’s cute pink and I love the copper zipper and not because I need another tiny cosmetics bag (you can never have enough of those anyways…) but because of the material. The small holes in the leather like fabric seem perfect for stitching something on (looks like Stickstramine)! Those who have seen my little penguin know that I am totally obsessed with stitching at the moment. It took me five minutes to start some cross stiching and adding those little hearths to the bag and therefore a little Valentins inspired DIY instruction here today 😉

Kosmetiktasche besticken - DIY Geschenk zum Valentinstag - DIY Blog

Tipps and Tricks for hearth cross-stitching
  • The little bag is lined, therefore stitch through the linen once and work the cross-stitches trough the upper layer after.
  • Use enough thread from the start so you don't have to go through the linen again - it does not really bother but it's easier, looks a bit better and is less likely to open up.
  • Cross stitching is kind of self-explanatory, but if you want to have another look at a detailled instruction, have a look here fore example.



All in all a super simple and fast stitching project and the perfect little pouch bag to stitch on. There are tons of cross-stich templates, as for example for letters. So you can add your own initials to the bag, which looks great as well. I can also very well imagine geometric forms…

As you can tell I am all into stitching at the moment and planning the next DIY already..

Kosmetiktasche besticken Kreuzstich Herz DIY Valentinstag


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