I wanted to do something with leather for a while now and by accident I walked by this little leather store the other day with about 20 baskets full of leather remains. And even though I buy basically EVERYTHING online I liked having a look at the different leather pieces and plan some little leather projects.

This rose leather is quite thin and I love the shade of pink and the velour look and therefore made two tassle pendants right away. Tassels are super easy to make just using a cutter and some glue and can perfectly be used as a key chain or handbag decoration. They also make a perfect little gift for a friend.

You can find more details on the different materials and step below. DIY LEDER QUASTEN ANHAENGER

  1. Material
    The rose velour leather is quite thin and works perfectly for tassels. In case you do not have a little leather store around the corner, you can find packs of leather remains on amazon where you can order sets in different sizes and with certain color preferences. You can use different colors and thicknesses for tassels of different sizes.
  2. Cuttin the leather
    I used a 7,5cm height / tassel length and 20cm width to get a nice thick tassel that does not look tiny on my handbag. To cut the leather you can either use a cutter knife, I used textile scissors since the leather is quite thin.
  3. Tracing of the fringes
    I used my triangle ruler to draw out the fringes, which turned out quite handy to get the lines straight on the soft material.
  4. Cut out
    Cut the fringes evenly along the length of the leather piece. Cut an additional small piece for the holder.
  5. Glue together
    When rolling together the leather, check which side turned out nicer and make sure this part is on top, so start with the less pretty side. Put  a small piece in the middle first to use as a holder. I used universal glue. Don’t use too much glue, it spreads quite easily and glue leaves stains on the leather.
  6. Add upper brim
    I added a 1,5cm piece at the top because I like the look of that part being slightly higher, you might as well just leave it plain.

DIY Tassel Schlüsselanhänger rosa


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