I always make sure I have flowers at home. Flowers make a home immediately more fresh and welcoming and it just feels much more cozy when flowers are around.

Since we travel a lot, there are months in which we are only home a couple of days in a row and gone again for the long weekends. To keep a bit of a fresh flowery look at home anyways I like to use single branches as an eye catcher and easy decoration. Branches last longer and mostly even look good dried out.

I really liked eucalyptus and olive branches during the summer, as you can see on the picture, I love the light green of the leaves. Rowanberries and rose hips look great during fall and add a nice seasonal touch. During winter fir tree branches look great and might as well be decorated a bit towards Christmas.

I collected some inspiration from around the web below. In my opinion single branches look best in vases that rejuvenate to the top or clean straight ones. Now that I see the pictures I am very tempted to get one of the big bulky bottle ones or an apothecary bottle one, I find they are somewhat iconic, what do you think?

Single Branch Dekoration Collage

Picture credit 1, 2, 3, 4

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