When my Dad and his wife came to visit us in Berlin a couple of weeks back, they chose the hotel „das Stue to stay at, so we got the chance to have a closer look inside and explore the luxury boutique hotel a bit.

The building of the hotel has been renovated and used to be the Danish embassy in the 1930’s, its name „das Stue“ is Danish for living room. The building was restored and extended and therefore has an interesting mix of classical elements and modern additions. I personally very much liked the flower pattern, which is imprinted on the facade tiles of the building and gives the clean architecture a bit of a romantic touch.

The hotel is bordering to the Berlin zoo’s ostrich area, which gives it a very idyllic setting in the middle of greens, as well as it’s animal inspired interior theme.
When entering the Hotel a crocodile sculpture welcomes you, on the hallways you cross little leather hippos and turtles and next to the bar you have your drink with a giraffe made out of yellow wire. That kind of exceptional decoration fits in perfectly and gives the whole interior an exhilarate touch.

I like it when interior designer manage to incorporate modern elements in a warm welcoming way. The Spanish Designer Patrizia Urquiola created a very homely atmosphere by using warm materials and elements like rugs and pillows. I personally really liked as well how she uses color and accentuates every corner of the hotel in a unique way with a little color pop. Returning elements like mirrored grey couches or armchairs, copper tables as well as the marvelous black and white photography exhibition create a consistent flow.

So we used our chance and spent some time wandering around the little library, taking pictures of the beautiful interior and enjoying the black and white photography exhibition. “Das Stue” is definitely a unique place and worth a visit when in Berlin. What is your recommendation for an outstandingly designed hotel?

xx Linda


das Stue das Stue

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