If you have not personally designed your bathroom, chances are high there is something to moan about. A lot of people would love to have a bathroom window, those who do would love a bit more space. Those who are bathtub lovers, don’t really understand how you can built a bathroom with just a shower and vice versa those who prefer to shower really don’t need a bathtub and would have used that space wiser. And after all there is no single bathroom out there that has enough sockets to supply hairdryer, toothbrush and a flatiron every once in a while.

Our bathroom is quite small and we have such a bathtub, which is, to my sorrow, misused as a laundry basket, because there is no space for a laundry basket. However since we need to accept the bathroom situation for now it is my declared goal to make it as nice as possible,

This little basket made of parcel string fits super nicely and I love the natural look. It’s super stable compared to all other crocheting materials I know and it can take some water which is super for using it in a bathroom.

Parcel string is not as easy to crochet as you are used to from nice wool. Since it’s quite hard for your fingers I recommend crocheting the basket in stages. I also only used plain stitches to get that stiff structure which worked out just fine. How to crochet a little basket like this one, is explained nicely in this video, it is not by me but super easy explained.

Koerbchen aus Paketschnur haekeln2

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