I am a big fan of coffeetable books. They are a neat and easy way to decorate, a great conversation starter and the best companion on the couch on a rainy day. A recent trend, I very much enjoyed offering as presents, are regional cookbooks, which are as nicely presented as picture books. They do not only server as recipe books but also include some impressions of local culture and some side stories. As a present, such a book combines the interest for the place and the culture with beautiful illustrations and the persons interest in cooking. Afterall it also looks pretty in the kitchen.

My sisters husband being turkish, she got “Istanbul” for her birthday. My Mum loves the Italian kitchen as much as the Italian mentality, so the book “Venedig” was a perfect gift for her.
During my last visit to London we went to have lunch at a Ottolenghi Restaurant, a very interesting oriental fusion cuisine, the book also being presented in nice fabric binding and with great illustrations, so the perfect souvenir for me and my kitchen.



ISTANBUL Andy Harris/David Loftus

VENEDIG – Tessa Kiros

JERUSALEM Yotam Ottolenghi

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