I think I mentioned before that I am not the most well ahead planning Christmas Elf. I am more following a just-in-time principle for decoration, presents and also for present wrapping.

Over the years I have accumulated lots of wrapping paper and I have the feeling the ones I have never fit the occasion I need them for. Now it is Christmas and I have a tiny bit of Christmas paper left from last year, a tiny bit of black and copper but no matching ribbon and some pinky girly paper, which I got for a friends baby shower.

My personal conclusion for this misery is it to get unicolored paper and different ribbons – this gives you so much more variation over the year and you don’t have to have 10 different kinds of wrapping paper around which are never sufficient or fitting.

I got natural colored paper and a selection of ribbons. My Mum does marriage flower decorations, so the amount of creme and white ribbons she has is just amazing! I am sneaking one out every once in a while, so my selection is not too bad either by now and I added some colorful ones for different occasions. I like all kinds of pink for the girls, mint and grey go well for marriages and olive and bordeaux tones are super nice for Christmas.

Since it is Christmas I got a few accessories to pimp the presents additionally. I got all the small Christmas tree balls  as well as the minty stars and the black star ribbon at Depot this year, they have lots of stuff to add a bit of sparkle to your presents.

So here three versions for you, a classy version with the mint green stars, a girly version with the colorful Christmas balls and a male version with black stars, how do you like them?

I teamed up with a bunch of girls for this post for a Christmas blogparade, so all of us published or will publish something Christmassy during this week. So for further christmas inspiration you can check out Svenja of LovelySuitcase, who created a beautiful silver table decoration, Laura von Laurella Rose published a christmassy nail design, Christina von Rooftop Style a selection of Christmas cookies, Vanessa von Fashion Art Tricota and Gilda from Its Gilda and Amira from amicoco will publish even more Christmas inspiration over the weekend, so have a look!


bunte Bänder Pinke Geschenkverpackung Pinke Geschenkverpackung

blogparade-01Geschenkverpackung Geschenkverpackung Geschenkbänder


Geschenkverpackung männlich Geschenkverpackung männlich


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