On the 1st of April the sun came out here in Berlin and did not leave one sign of winter. It’s still sunny and made me jump out of bed this morning even without any tips and tricks.

We spent large parts of March away and tried to escape the rest of winter.

  • We went to Israel, spend some time in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, which was a great experience. I am collecting all hotspots at the moment for a little Tel Aviv guide coming soon.
  • Since we were not around this year for Easter we did not paint any eggs and therefore went just for a tiny bit of easy peasy Easter deco.
  • Instead we went celebrated Easter with a final ski weekend and had wonderfully nice weather and perfect last slopes and I shared some tips and tricks to consider for a great ski trip.

April starts with sun and a big new project coming up, we will launch our first DIY Kit soon and I am in the middle for filming and editing, so stay tuned. We will travel to Munich to visit old friends and stop by at my Mum’s place in Nuremberg on the way back. It’s my nephews first birthday and I can’t wait to cuddle the little lovebug. 🙂

Enjoy the start of Spring



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