Last week I was invited to the Monocle Guide to Cozy Homes book launch at the Gestalten Shop at Bikini Berlin. I had known the Monocle guides for cities and love the concept of feeling like a local, finding the coolest cafés and trendiest concept stores. So when I heard that Monocle had published a book about cozy homes I had to get it and also for this publication I like the unusual approach to an interior coffee table book.

The author, Tyler Brûlé wants to show houses that are homes, where people live in with their kids and a dog and where you feel at ease and inspired. As much as I love looking at perfectly designed interior design magazines, I love the idea of having a look into other peoples living rooms. I never experienced living in a space that has enough storage space and where you did not need to take some practical decisions over the fancy design option and in the end, I guess this it the balance that makes the difference between a house and a home the authors want to show with this book.

What makes the book special in my opinion though is that it actually includes more than just home interior insights. The book is structured in different sections, which include essays, illustrations of home space evolution that you go trough with age, local house architecture traditions, more or less known areas to live in and interior shops around the world.

The Monocle Guide to Cozy Homes is something between a coffee table book, a novel and a fact book. I love the approach to show real homes, the international approach and also the fact that I actually learned something from it.


Monocle Guide to Cozy Homes at Gesalten Bikini Berlin


Gestalten Shop Bikini Berlin



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