Why do we all like Blogs that much? I guess they just satisfy our enormous curiosity. What our parents and grandparents spent looking out of the window and discussing what the neighbors did or did not do, is the time we spend on blogs following peoples life we don’t even know. Interior Blogs are my personal favorite since you don’t only get to know the person, you also get the possibility to sneak into the home of the blogger. Most impressions are punctual and difficult to adapt to your own home but I like the feeling of seeing real homes and of having an idea about the person that lives inside.

When you are reading along with some Interior blogs, you have surely heard about „Wohnideen – Best of Interior Blogs“ – a book which was created in collaboration with many well known interior bloggers alongside the Interior Blog Awards. It is published by Callway, the publishing house which also published the Westwing books. Also for this book it follows the approach of showing proper homes of the different Interior Experts instead of overstyled apartments. Structured into sections, that reflect different trends, the homes of the bloggers are shown in different perspectives and interpretations, the bloggers themselves are presented in small briefings.

It’s fun to see the different interpretations of themes. The retro style for example is represented with an old vase in between otherwise modern things by one blogger or an arrangement of old mirrors by the other.  Colorfull walls are styled in a black and minimalistic way or blue and romantic. While I sometimes have the impression my instagram feed is full of perfect black and white interiors, this book proves the complete opposite by focussing on details, retro pieces and trends that might not be that as obvious.

Wohnideen - InteriorBlogger

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