Rosé Quartz was my favorite color long before I knew it even existed. As appropriate for a little ballet girl I loved everything from pink to rosé, my backpack, my shoes and my carnival costume had to be some shade of pink. If there were two options I got the pink and my poor little sister had to chose whatever other color option was available and got the red, blue, green something to play with. Until today, this has remained the same, I don’t look like a pink bonbon anymore but I still like a touch of rosé in terms of clothing as well as makeup and interior, I have a Pinterest wall for PINK stuff and the lady from the flower shop downstairs already prepares a pink selection for me (my sister turned more towards orange reddish fall colors by the way 😉 )

So you can just imagine how much I appreciate that Rosé Quartz is now actually declared the color of the year. Now that Spring is around the corner and I am just waiting for Rosé Quartz colored cherry blossom to come out, here some Rosé inspiration from around the web.


About trends and spring pastels - Kollage

Bike, candle holder, drop chair, carpet, vitra tray, knot pillow

Fahrrad, Kerzenhalter, Drop Stuhl, Teppich, Vitra Tablett, Knoten Kissen



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