When the year comes to an end, the most frequently question is „so what are you doing on New Years Eve?“. Most answers are tenuous: „New Years is overvalued“ and „maybe I am just staying home“ are the answers you get and even a couple of days before the year end, nobody seems to be really organized.

In the end we all go out, we all organize something more or less special, even if we stay home we stay up late and open a bottle of wine, because in the end New Years Eve is a special day. It is a fresh start and a new beginning. It is the day we take the time to reflect on the days that have passed and remember achievements and thing that could have gone better.

And we make plans, how to start over, what to drop and what to start. Let’s be honest, we could start a new chapter every day, we could start working out more, go to bed earlier, be more positive and catch up with old friends at any time of the year – but we don’t. We are stuck in our daily routines and habits and therefore need that special outside event to give us that tiny bit of extra motivation, this feeling to start out new and fresh, this can be a person or a life changing event or just a New Year.

As every year we have had discussions about New Years Eve being overvalued, we discussed staying home and inviting friends, planned to go out, almost booked a spontaneous city trip and ended up teaming up with a couple of friends and friends of friends for dinner and drinks.
Great to catch up with old friends and to make new friends and therefore today a drink that fits.

Gin and Tonic is a classic, the most hyped and the most liked. It works as an aperitif as well as a digestif or just a party drink, is a classic with many possible variations and therefore a few words about it and a couple of tipps and tricks below.

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About the Gin

Gin gets its specific taste from the herbes it is infused with. I linked a Gin and Tonic kit in my „presents for him – gift guide“ if you want to give it a try and make your own Gin. Otherwise there a many new brands on the market that make unique and special kinds of gin worth trying.

We have a accumulated a couple of different kinds over the years which vary in mildness and strongness and tried them with different tonic water.

Tanquerey No Ten – This Gin is known for it’s citrus note, you can taste grapefruit and lime, which are used as whole fruits in the distillation process not only the fruit’s peel.

Monkey 47 – is a Gin from the black forest with a nice story behind it about a British soldier born in India that lands in the black forest during the 1950’s where he learns about the local the fruit distillery and creates this unique Gin in old chemist bottles to keep it protected from UV radiation with 47 botanicals. I love the story, the look and also the taste which is not to dry, so would call the Monkey Gin my favorite.

The Duke Munich Dry Gin– is a bio Gin from Munich produced in small charges and still today by hand. As suitable for it’s southern German heritage its base is a wheat distillate and malt- and hopblossoms are included in the infused botanicals. Since it is a bit more dry and has a quite intense taste, it’s nicely paired with Thomas Henry Tonic Water and an orange.

Hendrick’s Gin – is from Scotland and advertises „not for everyone“ – which is clearly the case. Amongst the ingredients are roses and cucumber and the overall taste is comparably strong.

Elephant London Dry Gin – is surprisingly from Hamburg but has an African story and 14 botanicals that reflect it’s african origin. It’s fruity and a bit peppery and nice to pair with Fever Tree Tonic Water.

Ungava Canadian Premium Gin – the yellow color comes from the Gins herbal infusion, which make it look quite unique. It’s fresh but not citrusy with a bit of a herbal aroma.

JINZU Gin – Is a gin from Japan and therefore based on Sake and little known, so a perfect addition for those who already know the classic brands. The taste is a bit more floral and definitely worth trying.

Gin and Tonic_Gin

About the Tonic Water

Tonic Water adds the bitter but also some fruity and the sparkling touch to Gin and Tonic. There are more and more variations of Tonic Water on the market, we tried the classics. There are  specific Tonic Water sets so you can try all different kinds, definitely a good idea for a Gin and Tonic tasting and to find ones favorite. In general it is nice to know a bit of what Tonic Water is stronger to not overlay the taste of the gin.

The ratio varies from 1:1 to 1:4 Gin to Tonic Water and enough ice is crucial and for good taste, you don’t want to drink Gin and Tonic at room temperature.

Thomas Henry Tonic Water – very sparkly and strong citrus aroma, a classic from Berlin.

Fever Tree Tonic Water – is a smooth Tonic Water which is not too strong. The Mediterranean version has a bit more of a floral touch.

Goldberg Tonic Water – not to bitter and a good match with Tanquerey No Ten.

Schweppes – Dry Tonic Water – the classic because of it’s mildness, always a save choice to not cover the taste of the Gin.

Gin and Tonic_Tonic Water


Gin and Tonic_Gin


Gin and Tonic_Tonic Water

Gin and Tonic_Duke

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